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Ford Service Plan

With Ford Service Plan you can get a Service Plan today that will help you with your Service costs tomorrow.

We have been in this business long enough to know that regularly servicing your car will prolong the life of your car.

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There are 2 types of Service Plans;

Premier Service Plan will pay for the services for your car at an approved Franchise Dealer, as per the manufacturer of your cars specifications.

Mobility Service Plan will pay for services at an Approved After-market RMI Workshop. After-market workshops include Bosch Service Centres, E-cars, Car Service City workshops and many more.


What is Great about this Service Plan?

  • You can choose to pay an affordable monthly payment
  • Your monthly payments remain FIXED
  • We cover ALL Car Brands Ford Service Plan, For All Your Ford Service Plan Requirements. A Service Plan can be purchased to cover some or all of these items. Most Service plans you pay for the full amount upfront for the period or the kilometres that you would like covered. Often you can purchase a Service Plan for less than what it would normally cost you to Service the car yourself. This happens when the company supplying the plan has managed to negotiate preferential rates with suppliers. What we sometimes are not aware of is that Service Plans are not Maintenance Plans. Items such as Brake pads are not covered under some service plans and are covered under the Maintenance Plans. Service plans generally cover the items required by the manufacturer to keep the vehicle working and to prevent major damage from occurring. When you claim on your service plan, you will get assistance with the payment up to the benefits as predetermined under the plan. There may be times when the company servicing your vehicle may look to charge more. Many Service Plan companies will be able to ensure that these overcharges do not occur. The company that is servicing your vehicle may charge you directly for some of the items not covered by the service plan – such as Brake pads or windscreen wipers. ford service plan, car service plan, ford ranger service plan, service plan, extended service plan, motor car warranty, extended warranty, car warranty, figo service plan, ford maintenance plan, ford extended service plan, ford extended maintenance plan, extended warranties, extended car warranties, ford ranger extended service plan, figo extended service plan, service plan quote, ford service plan quote, quote for a service plan, quote for vw service plan, quote for golf service plan, quote for ford service plan, ford, ford south africa, affordable service plan, affordable ford service plan, ford service plans quotes, ford service plan quote, quote for ford service plan, quote for ford service plans, ford extended service plan quote, quoter for extended ford service plan, extended ford maintenace plan, extended ford maintenance plans, extended car service plan, extended car service plans, ford service plan quote, ford service plan quotes, affordable ford service plan, affordable ford service plans, quote, affordable ford service plan quote, affordable ford service plans quote
  • You get to budget to regularly service your car.
  • No matter how old your car is we have a plan for it

What parts are covered?

  • Spark Plugs
  • Engine Oil
  • Air Filter
  • Oil Filter
  • Pollen Filter
  • Sump Plug
  • Diesel Filter
  • Petrol Filter
  • Brake Fluid
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Consumables
  • Engine Cleaner
  • Labour costs
  • Cam Belt (optional)







Ford Service Plan is an online platform to obtain a quotation from a reputable service plan provider. The company will assist you by offering excellent pricing for your ford service plan. There are many options available to you in the market place for a service plan, you can get from your dealer, which is what most people do. This is fine but the dealer is taking a commission of course, so by going through us directly you are saving anything from 20 - 50% on your service plan.

We cater for all types of fords, here are a few which we cover.

  • Ford Fiesta service plans
  • Ford Focus service plans
  • Ford Fusion service plans
  • Ford Escape service plans
  • Ford Mustang service plans
  • C-Max Hybrid service plans
  • Ford Transit Connect Wagon service plans
  • Ford Taurus service plans
  • Ford Edge service plans
  • Ford Focus Electric service plans
  • Ford Flex service plans
  • Ford Explorer service plans
  • Ford C-Max Energi service plans
  • Ford Super Duty F-250 SRW service plans
  • Ford Super Duty F-250 SRW service plans




Ford Service Plan


Ford Service Plan


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